Train Ordeal!

To cut a very long story short...

A friend and I went on a train ride and it cost us £68 each it would have been twice the price but we waitied 4 minutes to travel in the 'off peak zone'. On the return journey the train broke down and we were all stuck in the dark with glow sticks for 4 hours, then we were escorted to nearest station in the dark where we waited on the station for 1 hour. Transferred to nearest line via coach a further hour. Waited at station this for 45 minutes. A train, train, tube, tube, train we finally managed to get the last running train to within 50mins away from home at 2:30 in the morning. After a bit of haggling with the taxi driver I mananged to haggle him down from £65 to £60 which I ended up giving him a £5 tip 'cos he was a nice bloke.

I complained to the train company 'Virgin Rail' for compensation and have just recieved £18 IN RAIL VOUCHERS! So now I hate Virgin Rail and you should too!

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