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Asbos (or Anti Social Behaviour Orders) were brought in by New Labour as part of its ongoing efforts to be seen as tough on crime. They have, however, quickly gone far beyond their original remit. We've seen asbos used to prevent a woman commiting suicide; against a pig farmer whose pigs kept escaping; and as an easy way to deal with troublesome children without addressing the root causes of their deviance. Now, it emerges, they are also being used against the disabled: A teenage boy with autism was threatened with an anti-social behaviour order (asbo) after the noises he made while bouncing on his trampoline upset a neighbour. A child with Tourette's syndrome received an asbo banning him from swearing in public. And a teenager with Asperger's syndrome was given an asbo banning him from staring over a fence into a neighbour's garden. This is something we ought to be concerned about.

ASBO No. 5> One mother had no need to reprimand her son for the ASBO he received for annoying the neighbours by whizzing around on his scooter. Why? Maybe because he hadn't even been born yet! Clearly an oversight by some red-faced councillor out there! > > ASBO No.4> No-one likes a poser&especially a man of 60 wearing transparent, heart-shaped ladies underwear. Richard Stofer received a five year ASBO and faces five years in jail if he persists in offending the locals by strutting around naked anywhere in Sussex other than a Nudist beach. > > ASBO No. 3> Pirate DJ Dean Fullman, aka DJ Slimzee is no longer "on da house" after being banned from every roof across an entire borough for illegally broadcasting Rinse FM, one of the more popular pirate radio stations on the scene from a rooftop. He's banned for 5 years from entering any roof or building over 4 storeys without permission. > > ASBO No. 2> A 27 year old woman must be feeling a little self-conscious after being served with an ASBO that could land her in jail for 6 months if her neighbours spot her wearing her knickers! Apparently she has a penchant for wandering around her abode half naked which evidently offends those perverts staring at her through her windows! The woman is fighting the order. > > ASBO No. 1> David Boag landed himself in jail for 4 months for breaching his ASBO which was imposed to stop him from howling like a wolf when he was drunk. Mr Boag, who has seen An American Werewolf in London a few too many times, adopted the behaviour of moaning, howling and swearing for hours at a time. Time to extend one's film collection.> > For more information visit ASBO Concern
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