Superstar 35 Leather Edition Book

Superstar 35 Leather Edition Book

The Superstar 35 book is an artistic approach of documenting and explaining what is known as sneaker culture. It incorporates interviews and art pieces from various artists and honours the 35th anniversary of the Superstar.

The book is available in limited quantity only.

Very limited leather bound Adidas Superstar 35 book has been put together by Lodown documenting the last 35 years of the legendary Adidas Superstar or 'Shelltoe' as it's become more commonly known as today.

Adidas Superstar 35 provides a unique artistic approach to sneaker culture and its journey over the last 40 years.

Features contributions and interviews from the following...


Eric Quebral, Oliver Jackel, Rachel De Joode, Bill McMullen, Obey, Martha Cooper, Kieth Watts, NBS Crew, SCA Crew, Chris Glancy, Johannes Schroth, Lee Quinones, Jamel Shabazz, Ari Marcopoulos, Foley, Marok, Hecox, Michael Lau, Daniela Egar, Naoki Hanjyu, Nicolas Charavet and Shobu Tsuchiya.


Underworld, Jam Master Jay from Run DMC, Jan Lamb, Missy Elliot, Ian Brown, The Beastie Boys and Daft Punk.


Bape, Footlocker, Undefeated, Foot Patrol, Sportie L.A. Store, Project Playground and Milk

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