Stenkat - Paris, France

Stenkat was attracted to street art and graffiti at the tender age of 13. After graduating college, though, he realised he wasn't very cut out for working direct on the streets, and became a digital artist instead. His work still bears the hallmarks of his early dabblings.
Stenkat cites Ashley Wood, Iso50, 123kLan and Overage4design as influences, but also draws on nature, urban settings and cats in creating his work. Stenkat loves to create stark contrasts in his work: "I love to spend a lot of time to work on textures and scratched things, and then I put in some cute and sweet details."
Stenkat is cynical of the current street art scene, finding some artists too "hype" or self-aggrandising, and suggests people "be simple, be sincere and be friendly".

An illustration for

An illustration called `Burst'.

An illustration for the Sens Portfolio, a collaborative project.

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