Sneaker Freaker - The Book

Sneaker Freaker 'The Book' arrives - with all the old issues now impossible to find and the early ones selling on eBay for crazy prices, the guys n gals at Sneaker Freaker thought it was time to roll all the old stuff into a nice new package and make it available at a nice price.

Sneaker Freaker 'The Book' is 320 pages of jam packed sneaker gold compiled from issues 1-6 and is augmented by a whole bunch of brand new content. It features 100 of the best custom sneakers in the world plus a How-To Customise guide written and illustrated by world renowned custom artist Sabotage (Singapore).

On top of that there is a massive section devoted to the problem of fake sneakers and a guide to spotting bootlegs. There's also dozens of vintage sneakers, interviews with designers, features on the best collaborations, new product reviews, performance sneaker road tests plus a sneaker hunting guide for Paris, London, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo. And that's not even half of it...

$20 USD - [Buy] For more info on Sneaker Freaker Magazine go here

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