"I first meet Porous back in '83 when we were both touring in separate jazz bands. He was a well versed oboe player and had the reputation for peeing himself on stage after too many whiskey sours. I, on the other hand, had little notoriety but had been introduced to him in an awkward situation. After a late session in a smokey Turkish basement Porous came down the stairs with two beautiful blonds on both arms. He flicked his cigarette onto the face of the bartender and winked in my direction. I lost control of my oboe and nerve, never to play again- instead deciding right then and there to follow Porous's work to my death. It's 2007 now and Porous makes drawings of boobies and penises. Next year he'll probably be partying in the international space station. I'll think of playing the oboe again but know that there's no reason." -Van Edwards

Read the full interview here at facalface.com


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