Photography is not a crime

Canada based rhonda fast and kris krug of static photography have recently posted a couple of articles about the rights of photographers when shooting in public places. Here and there. They highlight the latest edition of JPG Magazine which focuses on the growing levels of paranoia and suspicion that photographers are confronting in the street:

"The theme, "Photography is Not a Crime," is a rallying cry. It's meant to remind everyone that amateur photographers are the documentarians of real life. People with cameras bear witness to the everyday dramas of ordinary people. We capture our world to help us understand it.

We are not terrorists. We are not dangerous. And we are certainly not a threat.

For issue 5, we're asking you to go out in public and take photos. Insist on your rights as a photographer. Shoot where people tell you not to. Talk to people about why you're there and what you're doing. Make a statement.

And then, of course, pick your favorite photo and send it in. " Link

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