Nusign* - Art-in-progress magazine

Nusign* - Art-in-progress magazineNusign* was born from a meeting between Piero Preitano, founder of the communication agency “l’Araignee” and Oliver Stak, artist and founder of WorldSigns magazine.

The group exhibition Nusign*2.4 was their first collaboration in July 2004, organized by l’Araignee with the help of Stak. It gathered for the first time in Paris forty of the most talented young European artists coming from the post-graffiti scene.

Nusign* magazine sees itself as the reflection of young contemporary creation: to exceed the street/gallery gap and to represent a whole generation of creators whose work goes beyond the borders of street art. The works of artists coming from street culture who have known how to infiltrate and to tackle diverse institutional art will be alongside those of more classically trained artists who have adapted to the streets

Nusign* - Art-in-progress magazine

On Thursday 8th of Feb., we will also be celebrating the launch of the Nusign #1

Nusign* Magazine is a quartlerly contemporary art magazine avaialbel for 15 euros. Click here for more information.

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