Nate Williams and 'Hola Amiga'

What is Hola Amiga?

Hola Amiga is a zine I publish every few months. Its a collection of random pictures, illustrations, patterns or anything I happen to be thinking about. I tend not to use many words so it may seem very cryptic .. but there is no intentional hidden message.

Hola Amiga

I named the zine “Hola Amiga” because I’m fascinated with Spanish/Latin/Brazilian Culture. This was before I had ever been to a Spanish speaking country or could speak a word of Spanish. My main influences/inspirations were Mexican food packaging, Mexican Wrestling Posters, Brazilian Jui-Jitsui, the art of Marisol Escobar and the music of the Brazilian singer, Atrud Gilberto. With Luck, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go Spain where my interest in Spanish/Latin culture grew exponentially and I decided I had to live in Latin America. I have been living throughout Latin America countries since Oct 2003 (Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica) .. while looking at Hola Amiga, you can see Latin cultural influences and my very gradual process of learning how to speak Spanish.

I create Hola Amiga because I like to make art and I find it fascinating how people are influenced, including the manifestations of my own influences.

Hola Amiga consists of three main components: Input, Output and Reflection.


are the things going on in my life at that specific moment in time. Input are things ranging from music, environments, letters, emails, cultural learning's to things people say, concepts, observations, food, books, weather, mass media, relationships, inspirational people, experiences, exercise, etc .. basically anything a human experiences.


is Hola Amiga .. the disregarded, impulsive, spontaneous, unconsidered, unplanned, unstudied by-product of life's daily influences. These are my drawing, sketches, thoughts, etc.


is something I just do in my head. This is when I try to bridge the gap and explain the relationship between the Input and Output. Most of the time I don't realize why I decide to use specific imagery at the time. Eventually I track down the source/influence. In life a lot of the time you have an idea and then you execute it. With Hola Amiga I do the opposite ... I execute it and then sometimes successfully track down the idea. Really not much different than trying to explain the odd events of a dream.

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Nate Williams (aka n8w) is originally from the Western United States, but has spent the last 3 years wandering around South and Central America.

Nate Williams

Nate Williams

Nate Williams

Nate Williams

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