Monster Paint

Monster Graffiti PaintTimes are changing, many of the first generation b-boys shake thier heads in disbelief at the current attention and hype of the over zealous mainstream market. This chaos has however created a range of possibilities and options for those, new and old truly dedicated to the cause. Like any major city in the UK, Glasgow represents, the scene has evoved with a collective of old school writers and new school talent. Darrell started out selling Sparvar Tuffcolours and established StyleWars Distribution way back in 96. From the boot of his car he maintained a steady supply of tools for the local contingent, escalating over the years and leading him to start his own paint company, Monstercolors!

Monstercolors own-brand cans are made up of several state-of-the-art components, plus the double thick nondrip paint. Soft cap for total control or fat cap for fast fills.... What more could you ask for?

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