Modern Urban Expressionism by Marcus Antonius Jansen

"My works are my thoughts and observations on canvas as well as my subconcious responding to the things around me, using everyday objects as a tool to establish communication and dialogue using a familar urban stage as a platform or meeting ground.

Mammal Habitat

My work tackles urban realities that are generally untouched by many painters. I exlpore the chore and foundation of where we live with all it’s beauty and contradictions. By working with a fractured sense of perfection, I find truth. It is through the “imperfections” that we learn. This is also what allows the viewer to reveal the mystery in each work which gives each painting their own identity and history. My work confronts, subcultural expressions and Urbanization-Isloation in the 21st century and what impact it has on our enviroment and ourselves as well as what we concider art or not. >

Urban Vison - oils/acrylics/pencil/paper on canvas.

My interest is primarily in with what happens between the eye and the object when I paint. What I feel not what I see. I use a spontaneous and loose approach ,that emanates from the soul discovering rather than creating. I refer to my work as Modern Urban Expressionism – a combination of the German 1900 movement of expressionism, the New York movement of Abstract Expressionism and modern elements of Urban voices such as graffiti art, using bold brush strokes, graphics, scetches, metaphoric like sybolic messages to create dialogue and create a puzzled mystery. Having myroots in both New York and Germany, I wanted to find something that connects the various techniques of these times, making what appears to be nothing seem like something indeed sophisticated. With that hopening to replace the negative stigma of vandalism associated by many in the Unites States now with the term Urban Expressionism.

Illusions - mixed media on canvas. 2006

In this way, my intention is to bridge the gap between that European masters of art and the cultural platform that graffiti artists have been seeking to establish. This type of communication allows me to reach viewers indiscriminately and brings awareness to our enviroment through art. The characters in my work are mostly faceless or transparent and may suggest a potential defaceing of humanity or transparency, while vague buildings are in a constant revolving process of destruction and construction.

Surreal - Mixed media on canvas. 2006

What the Hopi Indians referred to as the “Prairies of Stone”, are the new playing fields of my generation. What used to be the farm land for Vincent Van Gogh or Paul Gauguin is, for this generation, the Urban setting that carries voices heard and unheard. My exploration in the following work is hopefully bringing awareness to our own enviroment as well ourselves, enableing us to view our life as art. An exploration of the chaotic-artistic, vibrant-exciting, living- breathing-and beautiful Modern Urban center of the world."

Marcus Antonius Jansen

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