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Do you prefer the internet to network news? Do you generally go online to check on the latest trends and information? Are you a fan of blogs? Do you appreciate a lighthearted, even irreverent take on current events? But do you hate being tied to your computer? Then MobuzzTV may be just what’re looking for.

MobuzzTV wants to raise of the current type of vlog in two ways. Firstly, in terms of content: we aim to produce more highly structured, informative daily clips. Secondly in terms of format: while MobuzzTV is accessible online, it is specifically formatted for use on a mobile phone. While changing the concept of the vlog in these ways, it is still important to us to maintain the interactive aspect of the vlog, allowing users to comment on our programs and in that way adapt it to their tastes. MobuzzTV is creating an upscale commercial vlog for your mobile phone.

With a daily magazine, celebrity interviews, cyber news, and a variety of other features, we strive to keep you informed and entertained no matter where you are. MobuzzTV does not simply re-adapt conventional TV programming and place it on a mobile channel. Our creative process starts with the mobile phone as a TV device, not with a conventional stationary television. With conventional TV the spectator and media are stationary, with MobuzzTV the spectator and the media are mobile, and interactive.

A 30 min show from a regular news provider on a mobile phone will 1) kill your batteries, 2) distract you from what you should be doing (working!!) and 3) leave you squinting at the tiny, nearly unidentifiable images. MobuzzTV is specially tailored to your mobile phone, with bite size 3-minute programs, and content specially filmed for a small screen, and fresh daily content for the new generation of mobile users. With the MobuzzTV format you can download episodes either as they’re released daily or from our archives, allowing you to watch what you want, when you want, where you want. MobuzzTV makes mobile V.O.D. a reality.

MobuzzTV gives your mobile device a personality. Every day we present stories of interest to a globally-minded generation. Join our presenters Iria, Karina and Elisa as they talk tech, meet interesting people, visit European hotspots and comment on popular culture, all in the palm of your hand!" Link

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