Maarav - (un)Documented Disappearance

"The project lights up the sewage up Jena, metaphorically but also physically. By putting lights in the sewage canals, people are attracted to look inside. They are drawn to see what’s between the bars of the sewage covers. What they discover is not only their own waste but a full size picture of a migrant/asylum seeker displaying his/her papers. The viewers like the police/border guard will be able to check the papers explore the bureaucracy. Through different examples in different sewage entrances they can learn about the different kinds of legal status of refugees and migrants in Jena and elsewhere. The installation will function like a museum of bureaucratic legal papers, which to some people mean the difference between life and death.
But the display does not last. Rain and snow, cigarette buts and chewing gum, and the rubbish of the city erases these pictures and the display of different migrants showing their papers to the public from the cities sewage start tol disappear, just like so many people who already have. But the papers, the evidence of the regime, that will are with protection, last and will stay in sewage as memory of the people who we have confronted only days before." Link




For more information  see and maarav

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