LomoWall at South Bank

A photographic project commissioned to celebrate Poetry International 2006

Consisting of 4,000 photographs taken by local residents and the opportunity to hear their poetry via sensors, the first interactive LomoWall is unveiled by the South Bank Centre and the Lomographic Society London as part of the launch of the South Bank Centre’s Poetry International, the UK’s major international poetry festival.

Entitled Trading Places, the LomoWall is made up of photographs taken by local residents of Lower Marsh in Waterloo, near the South Bank Centre an area in which people have lived and traded since the 17th century, to create a living portrait of their lives in a 14 metre by 2.5 metre installation on hoardings in front of the Royal Festival Hall.  Secret sensors are embedded in the wall, amongst the photographs, for visitors to find and press and listen to the recordings of the resident’s spoken memory poems.

Inspired by Kwame Dawes’ Wisteria: Twilight Songs from the Swamp Country, the opening event at Poetry International - which records the segregated lives of women from South Carolina - three generations of the Lower Marsh community were given Lomography Coloursplash cameras with which to record their lives and experiences.  The Youth Group SE1 United, local businesses and market-stall holders and Lower Marsh residents were each involved, bringing together the generations.

Four contemporary poets Charlie Dark, Malika Booker, Breis and Anna Robinson, who has lived all her life on Lower Marsh, worked with the different groups to express their lives, experiences and memories of the street in poetry.  The spoken memory poems were recorded by the participants and are part of the LomoWall. 

Visitors can also feed their own photographs into the LomoWall by sending pictures via Bluetooth to the project website, www.rfh.org.uk/tradingplaces where their images will be displayed.

Shân MacLennan, Head of Education, South Bank Centre, comments:
“Trading Places is one of those great moments at the South Bank Centre when the voices of people who live and work near to this festival site are heard as part of one of our major festivals.  As we head towards the re-opening of the Royal Festival Hall we will hear more and more of these voices and they will become part of the new landscape of the site. It has been enthralling to watch Trading Places develop and we feel very privileged to bring the people and poetry of Lower Marsh to the South Bank Centre as we celebrate Poetry International.”

The Trading Places LomoWall will be on show at the South Bank until December 2006. Launch date: Tuesday, 24th October 2006 at 10am, South Bank Centre. For more information on Lomography and the LomoWall, please visit www.lomography.com

POETRY INTERNATIONAL is the UK’s only major international poetry festival which draws world renowned poets from around the globe to the South Bank. For more information about the poets appearing at the festival, please visit www.rfh.org.uk/poetryinternational

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