Little Britain: Andy & Lou Figures

How would you like to dress your very own 'laydee' in the privacy of your own home? How about playing with the only gay in the village in your living room?

Well, now you can!

Little Britain spreads its catchphrase merchandising branches into the realms of action figure territory. 12" figures will be available from 20th September 2005.

They are composed of plush bodies and a moulded head with up to six catchphrases activated by a squeeze of the hand.

Emily Howard, Vicky Pollard and Daffyd are retailing at around £20 whereas you can get a twin set of Lou and Andy for about £35. Andy has made ‘yeh ah know' and ‘Ah don't like it' into instantly recognisable catchphrases, and with this scarily lifelike talking toy, you can enjoy some of his most scintillating conversations with

Lou: What a kerfuffle!

Andy: Yeh ah know!

Andy: Ah don't like it!… ah want that one!... that one, that one and that one!

Lou: Woss that you're watching, Monster Trucks?

Andy: Yeh, Monster Trucks!

Andy: Don't like it! Ah want that one!

To hear the words of these TV legends, just squeeze Andy's hand - he controls both toys. Just like the full-size versions really... The Lou and Andy talking toy set is an official Little Britain product, and the ideal gift for any fan of the show. Measures 12" high. Uses 3 x AAA batteries, included.

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