Kenny Hunter: Natural Selection

Longside Gallery 29 July - 5 November 2006

Scottish artist Kenny Hunter presents a stunning exhibition of sculpture,film and text in Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s 500sqm Longside Gallery. The exhibition includes new work that has been enabled by YSP, and is his largest solo show to date. Hunter’s people, animals and recognisably contemporary objects have a stilled and seamless clarity. Ranging from intimate to monumental in scale, these sculptures establish a complicated and direct dialogue with the viewer. They are often placed in historical sculptural poses: they stand, recline or are seated and are placed on the top of columns or pedestals. Features and attributes are immediate, recognisable and precisely defined. The ultra-smooth form does not simply recreate a classical mode, but alludes to children’s toys and cartoons.

Recent work features seemingly ordinary, young people. They are deeply engaging and loaded with potential, dressed in contemporary, or sometimes overtly fashionable, clothes. The exhibition includes Feedback Loop 2003, (Aberdeen Art Gallery Collection) and the reclining figure, Youth With Split Apple 2004.

In a recent group of works, Animal Virtues 2004-06, Hunter looks at r-selected species: those that are opportunist, and particularly those that have adapted to survival in an urban environment. They sit on constructed arrangements of everyday objects, which are carefully cast and coloured, or are found objects. Hunter investigates the idea of made and found sculpture and the formal presentation of work on plinths or pedestals. He constantly questions and responds to the world around him, and his extraordinary talent enables him to make startling and thought-provoking works.

Born in 1962, Kenny Hunter studied at Glasgow School of Art. He is based in Glasgow and has had recent solo shows at Talbot Rice, Edinburgh (2003); CCA, Glasgow (2003/4); Aberdeen Art Gallery; Conner Contemporary Art; Washington and artconnexion, Lille (all 2004). In 2005, he was resident in New York (at Location One).

Other shows have included Modern Art and Houldsworth, London; Arnolfini, Bristol and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. He has made commissions for Glasgow Museums; the Tron Theatre, Glasgow; and Aberdeen Art Gallery. Hunter is currently working on a major new public sculpture for Barnsley MBC, to commemorate the town’s mining heritage. A book with text by Alex Hodby will be available.

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