Gravediggers held BBQ in cemetery

Gravediggers in a Belgian city have been criticised for holding a barbecue party in a cemetery.

It follows a complaint from a couple who visited the cemetery at Merksem, Antwerp, to visit the grave of their son.

Franois and Magda Boljau were shocked to find the gravediggers holding a party in a shed at the cemetery, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Mrs Bolijau said: "It was happening only 15 metres from his grave. The music of 'Sex bomb, sex bomb' was coming very loud from the loudspeakers.

"Children were playing between the graves. I couldn't stand it and ran away in tears."

Alderman Erwin Pairon, who is responsible for Antwerp's cemeteries, said he was very annoyed with the gravediggers.

The gravediggers insisted they held a party every year in the same shed and that nobody had complained before.

But Alderman Pairon said: "Next year, they have to move. I understand it is very upsetting for the parents to have to listen to a party when they came to mourn."

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