From The Mind Of Banksy Comes

From the mind of Banksy comes this pocket-sized book of witty street Graf. Rather than focusing on predictable "professional bombers," Banksy focuses on the ingenuity and unassuming creativity of amateur graf writers.

According to Banksy: "The real entertainment takes place on Amateur night. That's when you get to watch the bitter and twisted unleash all their pent up frustrations on an unsuspecting public in a desperate attempt to make some kind of point before collapsing under a cloud of their own bloodied spit."

It's the equivalent of those well thought-out toilet stall scribbles brought onto the street with spray paint. You'll witness incredible one-liner nuggets of wisdom, simple pleasures like stop signs tagged with "Hammertime" and a public statue for William Flanders re-dedicated to Ned, super witty double crossed graf (when one witty statement, gets changed into a wittier statement, and much more. Lots of entertainment packed in this 80 page book. Measures 6" x 4".

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