Entrances to Hell

A topical post today as it’s the 6 of the 6th 2006.

This site catalogues the ‘entrances to hell’ in and around the UK .

Not only does it have some good pics but also full descriptions and even a radiation trace – wowzers!




Stainsacre, North Yorkshire

Wiggy was initially constructed of pure thought which over 21 decades has hardened to form an exceptional entrance. In 1994 new-wave comedian Ken Robinson was called in here by a siren voice and nothing can be done about that. A sandy foyer and gloss on the pipes puts Wiggy into style orbit.
Radiation trace: calm



Nenthall, Cumbria

Bammy has an additional access door for a horse and cart (right in pic) and is the primary outward route for The Tree-Climbing Dogs who will probably never ever give it a rest what with the weather we've been having. This entrance, with its variable dimensions, has an untidy appearance which is simply inexcusable nowadays.

Radiation trace: low



Ross on Wye, Herefordshire
Asananc connects, via a big brass pipe, to an enormous frozen lake, fifty seven miles directly below. The explorer Lady Louise Kenilbaker was last seen alive here in 1924 as she entered Asananc, against all advice, on a personal quest to make contact with deep level ice-children. Asananc is not recorded on any OS map, but there are pencil sketches by Rushmount in the British Museum.
Radiation trace: nil


Penzance, Cornwall
Wheatle is gentle, luxurious and oozing with street-cred. This is the entrance from which Satan dispatches millions of useless inanimate objects to the gift shops and furniture stores of the UK. Wheatle is closed all day Thursday and is acoustically connected to Mkpg.
Radiation trace: remarkable

And apparently it’s all fact!

Peruse the extensive list of entrances over at www.entrances2hell.co.uk

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