Council is to paint dog poo pink

Dog mess in sprayed pinkA council is spray painting dog mess pink to encourage responsible pet ownership.

A team of dog wardens in Hertsmere, Hertfordshire, are visiting parks this summer to mark where the fouling has taken place.

It is hoped it will encourage owners to clean up after their dogs as well as making it easier for the public to avoid.

The dog wardens will also be handing out leaflets and pooper scoops.

A special machine is used to remove the mess after it is sprayed with the biodegradable paint.

Hertsmere Council said it has now placed 50 new dog bins in all parks across the borough.

Councillor Jean Haywood told BBC London: "If you walk through the park with your dog and let it mess, and then walk back and see it highlighted pink, it highlights to the owners that maybe they should not have left it here."

Parks involved in the scheme include King George Recreation Ground in Bushey and Oakmere Park in Potters Bar.

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