Bob Gibson of The London Police

Bob Gibson (The London Police) 1977. Born Chelmsford, England.

Bob Gibson has always been fascinated by big cities and architecture. Growing up, he spent some formative time in America. Detroit, New York, San Fransisco and Chicago left a lasting impression. Road trips were hugely influential.

“I liked the lines of cars, street lamps and telegraph poles, long straight roads, cruise control, emptiness, truck stops, petrol stations, fast-food, bridges, and good music on the stereo. Then, after hours of monotonous driving, a glimpse of the city skyline up ahead, and the thrill of entering the towering metropolis; orderly, magical, intimidating, exciting and immense. A living machine, a feast for the senses.”

Fueled by that imagery, he has been making art about it ever since. Whether it's a drawing, a piece of writing, a sculpture or an animation, Bob is constantly inventing fictional landscapes and scenarios that play on the power and allure of the city. Bob studied sculpure at the Norwich School of Art in the east of England and went on to be a founding member of The London Police street art collective, exhibiting work worldwide between 1999 and 2004. After a brief pause and a change in direction Bob rejoined the collective in 2005 with his new concept of cityscapes.

Bob currently resides in Amsterdam.

offices on the top floors have the best view
Bob Gibson (London Police)

an arial view of a city that doesn't exist
Bob Gibson (London Police)

the walking city advances on the sun
Bob Gibson (London Police)

a car chase scene from an imaginary french film
Bob Gibson (London Police)

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