Bible Rewrite Project - Nate Hill

With his Bible Rewrite Project scattered with pictures of homemade animals sewn together, Nate Hill is becoming a God-like chimp.
The real God takes time out from His busy schedule to talk with Nate in this exclusive interview...

God: Am I supposed to be doing this interview? Usually people have questions for me.

Nate: I'd like to know when you're coming back?

God: Oh, I don't know. I was reading this Bible Rewrite Project of yours, so if I were you, I might say when men and women start sewing dead animal parts onto themselves again [Genesis 6]. But, I would say something similar... When all flesh is corrupt.

Nate: What do you mean by 'corrupt?' I hope not when I use pets killed by cars in art?

God: That's a tough one. I like how you're making something beautiful out of something ugly. Though I would sure like it if you would try to find their owner. I don't want you to hurt anyone's feelings, and they may want their pet back. I have a question for you... With your rewrite, are you trying to improve upon My Bible?

Nate: Is that possible?

God: I would say no... If you're not trying to improve it, then can you tell the people what you are trying to do?

Nate: Ultimately, what I think will happen is that in my attempt to recreate the Bible in my own image and create my own animal kingdom as you did, I will expose myself for the human that I am, and at the same time boost Your stature and remind some of Your title as the Greatest Artist of All Time.

God: Don't be so hard on yourself. Your rewrite has its own merits and isn't totally a distortion. It's like seeing Me through you. You are looking at My legacy through your singular lens and obsession; that being cutting up dead animals and sewing them together again in odd ways.

Nate: I know this is all a little narcissistic, but perhaps through trying to make animals of my own, I will get a glimpse into what it means to be the greatest creator of all time, and what it means to be God?

God: Maybe a tiny glimpse.

Nate: I'll take that.

God: What have you learned so far?

Nate: That I have a long, long way to go.

God: Don't give up... Tell the people if you actually want to "stop roadkill"?

Nate: Not really. The website title is ironic.


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