Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5 MS Headphones - Camo

These special camouflage colourway headphones have become semi-legendary, previously only available in Japan or in very small run import batches (they still come in Japanese boxes). Aside from their unique look, the ATH-PRO5 MS is comparable to the domestic ATH-M30s, featuring 40mm drivers, sturdy construction, and comfortable padding.
Sound quality is above average for this price range, with strong bass and clearly defined mids. The cord features a convenient single-sided ear piece attachment, and comes with a protective metal sheath around the plug for extended life. The included 1/4" adaptor screws onto the standard 1/8" plug with a smooth metal connection. Suitable for active dj or casual use.

single-sided cord design
40mm drivers
15- 2800 Hz frequency response
comes with 1/4" adaptor

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