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Antonio Riello was born in 1958, in Italy, in a little medieval town called Marostica near Venezia. Now he divides his life between Marostica, Milano, and Amsterdam. After high school he earned a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Padova University. He also has a degree in Architecture from Venezia University. After his studies, he decided to travel around the world working hand-to-mouth with various odd jobs. These jobs included working in a Sadomasochist club in Zurich-CH and as a magician for a German television show. Now he is a professor of "videogame aesthetics and related matters". He teaches in Italy and abroad.

Since the beginning of his artistic career, he wanted to be a social reporter investigating his immediate environment. He is particularly interested in the "dark sides" of Italian contemporary life. His artistic inquiries examine: prostitution, criminal scenes, bad tricks, "shortcuts for happiness", "home killers", mafia activities and domestic crimes against women and children.

Following the concept of "Ladies Weapons", Riello has begun a similar project called "Ladies Armors". Using plastic, steel and kevlar, he intends to create body armor for women as elegant and effective as the weapons.

"In 1998 I decided to focus my artistic research mainly about a "fashion-fiction" visual story regarding an old passion of mine: weapons - objects full of symbolic senses. I want to mix, in an artistic way, traditional 'female stuff' like fashion with very traditional 'male stuff' like guns. It consists in a restyling of real military weapons into fashion items for ladies".

Every weapon is one of a kind and named after a woman who has been important in Riello's life. Say hello to "HELENA".

Riello uses real military weapons to create his works: assault rifles, pistols, sub machine guns, hand grenades, rocket launchers, etc. He uses weapons from many armies: Russian Kalashnikov, American M-16, Italian Beretta, Israeli UZI and Galil, German HK 33, etc.

"Using leopard skins, brightly lacquered colors, inset jewels and fake furs, I create a range of specialized items for wives of mafia bosses, arms dealers, sophisticated ladies and exigent soldiers... hybrids born from Italian obsession for high fashion as well as for violence".

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