Alligators and Sharks Prowling the Streets of New Orleans?

Among the many rumors circulating in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is the claim that sharks and alligators have been seen prowling the flooded byways of New Orleans.

While I wouldn't want to chalk these reports up entirely to hysteria, I think we can safely say they're a tad exaggerated.

Officials reported that a 3-foot shark had been spotted cruising the flooded streets.

As for alligator sightings, those are to be expected in Louisiana waters, as are snake sightings, and even the occasional floating ant ball.

Michael Rieger, of the federal emergency agency, said patrol boat crews had seen many alligators in the floodwaters.

Alligators are stalking the flooded waters of New Orleans and rescuers fear that they will eat the bodies of Hurricane Katrina's victims.

Authorities have just started the operation to recover what could be thousands of bodies in the floodwaters, on the streets and trapped in homes.

Rieger said: "There are a lot of people who are never going to be found.
There are a lot of alligators in the water, and alligators love that type of stuff."

Anyway I got this in my mail this morning and am not sure if it is true? Please leave a comment if you know otherwise.

"This alligator was discovered swimming down a street in New Orleans: 21-FT long, 4,500 lbs, and at least 80-years old.  Specialists said that he was looking to eat humans, being too old to catch normal prey/animals.

This alligator was killed by the Army last Sunday at 3:00 pm, and is currently in the freezer at the Azur hotel. The contents of its stomach will be analyzed this Friday at 2:30 pm.

A survivor (while in the waters) said she witnessed a alligator eat another human....there are times that I still can't believe what has happened..."

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