Alleged Gallery: Young, Sleek and Full of Hell Book

It was a gallery... allegedly. In 1992, Ludlow Street in New York's Lower East Side was just gutter of low-rent tenements with a large demographic of artists, musicians, film-makers, designers, writers, and hoodlums. At the heart of it was Alleged Gallery--the most famous street-style gallery in America. A venue for art and artists always a few steps ahead of the object itself, this peripheral gallery launched--between 1992 and 2002--the international careers of countless emerging artists.

From the outset, the gallery was always something of a hypothetical. The disclaimer was inherent in the name: Alleged. With the first sandwich board signs announcing its arrival, there was no mistaking the iconoclastic agenda. This was pure Carney, an exhibition space as conceived for the art world as it might exist in less savory social margins. Between the art, music, words and pictures, sex, drugs, and drinking, it became a democratic, all-inclusive venue for young emerging artists, representing an attitude about unlimited and irreverent freedom.

In Young, Sleek, and Full of Hell, the history of the art, exhibitions, and events is told for the first time through spontaneous behind-the-scenes photographs and exclusive interviews with the artists, musicians, designers, models, actors, film-makers, curators, gallerists, and collectors who comprised this early art scene. Alleged Gallery defines an entire generation of art-making before it made the full transition from the streets to the galleries. Young, Sleek, and Full of Hell features over 100 artists who exhibited at the gallery, including: Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, Diann Bauer, Jeremy Henderson, Glen E. Friedman, David Aaron, Daniel Higgs, Phil Frost, Spike Jonze, Andy Jenkins, Sofia Coppola, Andre Razo, Chris Johanson, Tobin Yelland, Ari Marcopolis, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Mills, Shepard Fairey, Tom Sachs, Susan Cianciolo, Sonic Youth, Courtney Love, Unsane, Surgery, Railroad Jerk, Cibo Matto, The Boredoms, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, Jim Jarmusch, Harmony Korine, Mark Borthwick, Cameron Jamie, and Terry Richardson. Edited by Aaron Rose.

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