Air Kicks anti gravity boots voted into top 10 dangerous toys list

"These "anti-gravity boots" fit over shoes so that children can "seem to defy gravity" and "bounce across the yard like a Gazelle!" The manufacturer's safety instructions include the unrealistic directive to "always remain in control of your motions", and to use a "protective helmet as well as gloves, knee and elbow pads during use". Children pictured on the packaging have no protective gear whatsoever. " Link

"Whether for jogging, running or even walking, our AIR KICKS™ seem to defy gravity with every fun-filled step. While wearing athletic shoes, simply slip each foot into the open toe boot! Now start bouncing in place, or bounding across the yard like a herd of bolting gazelles. AIR KICKS™ feature high-traction treads that are safe to use on any surface, indoors or out, and won´t mar floors! Heavy-duty, interchangeable rubber T-Springs transform downward energy into bouncing motions gentle on joints and bones. Not only do kids (and adults) love the cushiony motion, it´s easy to burn calories, build coordination and strengthen leg muscles! " Link

The Air Kicks boots from Seattle based Geospace International have been voted into the top 10 most dangeous toys by Watch. But don't you just wish they made these in adult sizes?

For the full list click here: Top 10 Worst Toys 2005

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